Our Mission

It is the Mission of LEGACY Parenting Survival Wear to serve as a resource for parents and caregivers, deliver a simple solution to providing child and social engagement, learning and development, and budget consciousness all at once. All LEGACY Survival Wear brands are designed to inspire by creating a concise engagement-plan and coordinating the connection efforts of involved parents, caregivers, educators, and most importantly a child.  

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The Point


    An innovative clothing brand that merges comfort, convenience, utility, and value with the benefits of early stage Child Learning and Development, while stimulating and fostering a bonding experience between children and their parent or caregivers.  


Mens & Womens


Moms are focused on providing and being there for their kid(s). Combined with comfort and casual in mind, Moms love that there is a teaching and connection stimulating aspect of the brand. Dads agree that a T-shirt is meant to be simple, easy, casual, and comfortable. The added bonus is that it is inexpensive and reliable. 

Our Family of Brands


BUILT by PN Industries, Inc., offers solutions to everyday challenges in the stressful world of parenting. Born from Brands for Utility, Interaction, Learning & Thought; LEGACY brands are designed to offer that assistance. We bring a unique approach to parent and caregiver support with products designed for functionality, utility, and infant & early childhood development. We believe that ensuring our children’s well-being and mental development early on is a shared responsibility and we are here to play our part.  


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